How does psychotherapy help?

We all encounter personal problems. Most of the time, we are able to cope with them or at least bear with them. When then shall a person seek psychotherapy? The answer lies on the extent you want to better your life. Psychotherapy is suitable for anyone who wants to elevate their personal mental and emotional well being. It is a goal-driven process meant to relieve psychological suffering. It is time limited and it occurs within a therapeutic relationship that is maintained within ethical and therapeutic boundary. This means that the interaction between therapist and client is directed at helping client psychologically. This set the therapist-client relationship apart from social relationship.

A skilled therapist is attentive, listen deeply, able to empathize and encourages psychological growth through therapist's heighten awareness of self and others. Most of the time, a person comes with a set of challenges that are not neatly explained. This is normal. We are complex beings with many layers of thinking that can sometimes be contradicting one another. This is precisely the work of psychotherapy, that is, to bring clarity in our mental and emotional life. Therapists who are comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty, distance and closeness, openness with boundary, and has good tolerance of confusion while maintaining clarity in the mind; is the central resource for clients within the therapy process.

A person who emerges from a successful therapy experience usually can attest to feeling more alive, self- empowered, and have a greater sense of self-control and autonomy. Though the length of therapy varies according to individuals, the therapeutic effect can usually be felt within few sessions. For those who wants to live a richer interior life, psychotherapy with a good therapist is probably the best investment you can make for yourselves.

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